Savitha Shri B


The World Cadet Chess Championships 2018 were held in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain, from 3rd of November to 15th of November 2018.

The Championships were held for the age groups U08, U10 and U12, Girls and Open. A record number of 851 participants from 86 federations took part in the Championships. There are 542 players in open section and 309 players in girls' section.

The final results

U12 Girls
1 Savitha Shri B IND 10.0
2 Omonova, Umida UZB 9.5
3 Zavivaeva, Emilia RUS 8.0

Savitha of Tamil Nadu effortlessly won the gold in U-12 girls category with 8 wins and 2 draws. Facing the Chigorin defence, she comfortably drew her final round in 38 moves against Russian Zavivaeve Emilia who finished third. The second place went to Omonova Umida of Uzbekistan.

A.R. Ilamparthi


The Energy Projekt proudly announces that our young champion, A. R. Ilamparthi, has made it to the world no. 1 spot, based on the latest ELO ratings released by the World Chess Federation on February 1, 2017.

Continuing with his stellar performances, this child prodigy will be participating in the Asian Meet (under 8) to be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in March / April 2017; and in the World Meet (under 8) at Brasilia, Brazil, in August 2017. Team Energy Projekt wishes him the very best in all his forthcoming endeavours.

About A.R. Ilamparthi:

Aged 8 years, A. R. Ilamparthi is a Class II student of DAV School, Chennai. He has been ranked as India’s No 1 Under-8 & Under-9 chess player this year. Given his exceptional talent, he opened FIDE rating at the tender age of 5 years and went on to win many medals across the country, with few noteworthy ones being – National Schools’ Chess Championships – 2014 (Gold at New Delhi), 2015 (Silver at Goa) and 2016 (Gold at Maharashtra). He was selected to play in Asian Schools’ Chess Championships 2014 in the Under- 5 category (Korea) and again in Under-6 (Singapore 2015) and in Under-7 category (Iran 2016). Unfortunately, financial constraints at his family front prevented him from participating in any of these international leagues. When Team Energy Projekt got a referral from his coach Mr V. Ravichandran of Mount Chess Academy through Ms.Usha Krishnan, we took Ilamparthi under our wing. Since his induction with us, he has made the following strides:

Won Gold Medal in 7th Saveetha TN State Level Open Chess Tournament – Under 8 (Chennai – July 16)
In Modern School FIDE Open Rating Tournament (Chennai – July 16) with over 400 entries where there was no age wise categorization, he secured 24th ranking overall and was the youngest in the list of prize finalists
Finished at 9th position with 8 points (out of 11 rounds) in National Under – 9 held at Jallandhar (Aug 22 – 30) with 6 wins, 4 draws, and a lone loss in the last round (which ultimately prevented him from bagging the silver)
His international FIDE rating was 1199 before May 16 and presently it is 1764 – this kid is sure making giant strides and his energy knows no bounds!

To Celebrate this incredible achievement of Ilamparthi’s accomplishment, Team Energy Projekt took our 10 Passion Kids for an outing on Saturday, January 28, 2017.

Team Energy Projekt took our 10 ‘Passion Kids’ for an outing on Saturday, January 28, 2017. The day kicked off with catching the critically acclaimed movie Dangal – a story of the Phogat sisters Geeta and Babita and their passion for wrestling, ignited by their father against all odds. The movie, that ends with the sisters finally winning international acclaim through sheer hard work and dedication, was a true inspiration for the kids, who have themselves made this far through sheer devotion, guidance from expert coaches, and funding from Team Energy Projekt.

Next up was lunch at a popular suburban restaurant, which gave the kids ample opportunity to interact with each other, make friends, and exchange learnings.

The day ended with Team Energy Projekt’s senior members giving a pep talk to the kids, encouraging them to set high targets, with short term and long term goals, and then work towards them with razor sharp focus. It was a memorable day and we hope the fun, yet learning experience will motivate the kids to put their best foot forward in their respective disciplines. Here’s to passion-filled sports and more accomplishments by Team Energy Projekt!